Pastor Cathy Hill

How Ought We To Live

(Matthew 5: 21-37) I think it is safe to assume that none of us came to church today hoping for a good sermon on anger, adultery, and divorce! I can assure you that I did not spend the past two weeks with an ever-growing desire to address these issues. But our church is committed to […]

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Let Them Taste And See

(Matthew 5:13-20) Who are you? How do you answer when someone asks you that question? The most common answer is to give our name. We might also tell a bit of family history and the connections that help identify us. Often we’ll tell something about our work, the things we do, and how we spend […]

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The Sermon on the Mount – Beatitudes

(Matthew 5:1-12) Imagine you’re attending a large conference. Maybe it’s to do with your work, or perhaps it’s a Christian conference. It’s just about time for the keynote speaker to stand up and address the auditorium. Expectations are high. There’s been a gradual build up. Notices, introductions, perhaps some singing. And then hush descends. Speaker […]

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Agents of New Possibility

(Matthew 4: 12-23) Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and curing every disease and every sickness among the people. The final verse of our Gospel reading for today appears to be nothing more than a little bridge, something of a filler to connect one significant […]

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What Are You Seeking

(John 1:29-42) It’s an interesting world we’re living in these days. When every news program now has a segment titled, “What’s Trending” that reviews top stories from the internet, and the look back at the major stories of the year includes cute pet videos from YouTube… I just don’t know what to think. I’m not […]

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Discovering Jesus: Deep, Deep Love

(Matthew 3:13-17) What if God said, “What do you want?  I’ll give you one thing.”  What would we ask for?  If we took time to figure it out, if all the consequences of sin (ours and others) in our lives were gone for a moment, most of us would say (in some way), “We want […]

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